Cotto vs Canelo: Weigh In Results; Full Fight Card; Cotto Gets Stripped Of WBC Title

Miguel Cotto

The full fight card for tonight’s Miguel Cotto vs Saul “Canelo” Alvarez fight card with the weigh in results:

PPV Fights:
Miguel Cotto 153.5 vs. Canelo Alvarez 155
(WBC middleweight title)

Takashi Miura 130 vs. Francisco Vargas 129.5
(WBC super featherweight title)
Guillermo Rigondeaux 121.5 vs. Drian Francisco 121
Jayson Velez 125.5 vs. Ronny Rios 125.5

Live Stream Fights:
FIGHT CANCELLED: Randy Caballero 123.5 vs. Lee Haskins 117.5
(IBF bantamweight title)
Caballero was 5.5 pounds heavy and lost his title on the scale. Haskins, the IBF interim titleholder, will now be elevated to the full world title.

Zhilei Zhang 264.5 vs. Juan Goode 244
Alberto Machado 130.5 vs. Tyrone Luckey 128.5
Jose Martinez 114.5 vs. Oscar Mojica 114.5
Hector Tanajara 131.5 vs. Jose Naranjao 128

Venue: Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas
Promoter: Roc Nation/Golden Boy

Miguel Cotto was stripped of his WBC middleweight title on Tuesday, Nov 17th, because he refused to pay the WBC the $300,000 title sanctioning fee.  Cotto also refused to pay the $800,000 “step-aside-fee” for Gennady Golovkin to stay off to the sidelines.  Oscar De La Hoya, Canelo’s promoter, blasted Miguel for refusing to pay those fees.  I love Oscar but Cotto had every right to refuse to pay the $1.1 million total that was asked of him.  He gave the WBC belt back and instead kept his money.

Smart man!!

When pressed to explain himself, Cotto stated: “I am not disappointed by the WBC’s decision, It was all about money. The fee for this fight was absurd to me and I prefer to keep the money in my account. I don’t need to pay attention to Oscar De La Hoya’s opinion. He should take care of his own business. And I will take care of mine. I don’t stick my nose in Oscar’s business. The organizations wants four champions in every division just to earn a percentage from everybody. Then we have to pay for their mistakes. This is not fair to me. The WBC told me my offer was not reasonable to them. They told me I was not going to be the champion anymore. I don’t need their belt. I have enough belts in my house and with the money I saved, I can buy any belt I want. I can be the champion of whatever I want in my house.”


TRENDING FIGHTERS: Miguel Cotto, Canelo Alvarez, Oscar De La Hoya, Gennady Golovkin, Shane Mosley, Bernard Hopkins

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