Gennady Golovkin vs Daniel Geale Results

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Gennady Golovkin vs Daniel Geale

Gennady Golovkin beats Daniel Geale via KO.

1st round: Great first round. No one is watching the time. That was a 4 minute round. Golovkin wins round 1. Golovkin cuts Geale via headbutt unintentionally.

2nd round: Great second round. Golovkin wins round 2 since he dropped Geale and landed the cleaner punches.

3rd round: Golovkin stops Geale in round 3! Ref stops the fight after Golovkin drops Geale. Geale’s legs were gone.


Bryant Jennings vs Mike Perez

Bryant Jennings defeats Mike Perez via split decision

1st round: Feeler round. Perez wins round 1.

2nd round: Close second round. Not much action. Jennings wins round 2.

3rd round: Both men landed. Could go either way. We give slight edge to Jennings

4th round: Perez looks tired. Jennings lander cleaner shots. Jennings wins round 4.

5th round: Both men land good shots but Jennings wins round 5.

6th round: Perez wins round 6. Jennings needs to let his hands go.

7th round: Great round 7 for Jennings. Jennings looks stronger all of a sudden.

8th round: Jennings nearly drops Perez in round 8 with great short rights. Jennings wins round 8 easily. Excellent round. Fight is coming through now.

9th round: Terrible round 9. Both men clinching way too much. Jennings wins slightly.

10th round: Jennings goes into southpaw mode. Jennings wins round 10.

11th round: Jennings wins round 11.

12th round: Great 12th round. Jennings wins round 12. Referee, Harvey Doc, deducts a point from Perez for a cheap shot. Terrible call.