Boxing Event: Miguel Cotto Vs. Sergio Martinez Results

Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez (WBC middleweight)

Wow!! Miguel Cotto is the new middleweight king!! Cotto dropped Sergio Martinez three times in the first round alone. Cotto looked masterful tonight.

Miguel Cotto made history tonight by becoming the first Puerto Rican boxer to win a title in four weight classes: 140lbs (junior welterweight), 147lbs (welterweight), 154lbs (super welterweight or junior middleweight), and now 160lbs (middleweight).

Sergio Martinez’ corner stopped the fight right before the start of round 10, officially at the :06 mark. Martinez was an old shell of himself and I only hope that he retires after the beating he took tonight. Sergio’s body is riddled with injuries and he clearly isn’t the same fighter that he once was.

Although Martinez was a two to one favorite to defeat Miguel Cotto tonight, Cotto did more than enough to prove betting boxing pundits wrong. And he proved me wrong too.

Freddie Roach, the same man who trains Manny Pacquiao, is either a training God or he’s some sort of Shaman. The new Miguel Cotto, under the tutelage of Freddie Roach, has been rejuvenated like no other fighter in recent memory.

As a side note, I banged on the restaurant table so hard after the third knockdown in round 1, that my excitement level spilled all the drinks all over myself and my friends. I owe them a huge apology for my childish excitement, but a true boxing fan like myself just couldn’t contain my jubilation.

So what’s next for Miguel Cotto? And what’s next for Sergio Martinez? Your thoughts? Please share your comments below.


Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. vs. Marvin Sonsona (featherweight)

Marvin Sonsona defeated Wilfredo Vazquez, Jr via 10 round split decision. It was a hell of a fight with everything from headbutts to low blows to elbows to knee shots. Marvin Sonsona got revenge against Wilfredo Vazquez, Jr since Vasquez knocked Sonsona out in four rounds in 2010.

Scores were 96-92 twice for Sonsona and once for Vazquez.

We believe Sonsona clearly landed the cleaner, harder shots. It was a back and forth battle from the beginning. Sonsona dropped Vazquez in the opening round. A hell of a tussle!!

Sonsona’s boxing record stands at (19-1-1, 15 KO’s). Vazquez’ record is now (23-4-1, 19 KO’s).

Again, solid undercard fight for all fans despite being riddled with all kinds of sloppiness.


Jorge Melendez vs. Javier Maciel (super welterweight)

Javier Maciel (29-3, 20 KO’s) pulled off a surprising 10 round majority decision win over Jorge Melendez (28-4, 26 KO’s) in a spectacular back and forth fight in the super welterweight division. There was a whole lot of action between both fighters.

Javier Maciel, a late substitute for suddenly retired Yuri Foreman, knocked Melendez down in round 5. He consistently landed his overhand right on Melendez all throughout the fight.

Referree, Harvey Dock, deducted a point from Melendez for a low blow in round 5. Although both men showed little defense in their 10 round slugfest, this was an excellent undercard fight for hardcore and casual boxing fans alike.

Who says Top Rank puts on terrible undercards??


Andy Lee vs. John Jackson (junior middleweight)

Andy Lee (33-2, 23 KO’s) scored an amazing come from behind knockout over John Jackson (18-2, 15 KO’s) in round five. Jackson dropped the new junior middleweight in round one and he rocked him in round 2.

During a good flurry, Lee caught Jackson with a short right hook, putting John to sleep. Lee scored a great KO in his junior middleweight showdown. Could this be his ideal division?